Nari Shakti Loan empowers women in rural areas and
is intended to provide capital for their small businesses.

Nari Shakti Loan

Nari Shakti Loan

By providing numerous financial options and enabling them to invest for business growth, Rupitol Finance Pvt Ltd. promote
entrepreneurship among rural women. To make things easier for
women, Rupitol Finance Pvt Ltd. has stepped up by introducing a loan scheme for women giving them wings to establish their independence.
This scheme for women would be quite helpful in getting the financial assistance required for their entrepreneurial journey.
Females have their unneglectable share and contribution in the growth of the National Economy. In this Modern and growing India, through our product we help to bridge the gap and remove the hindrance coming in the path of the Female segment , who possess ideas and will power to start & grow their business but lack in getting the right Fund/ Credit Support.


  • Offered to Females
  • Purpose: To start business / generate Income
  • Unsecured Loan Product
  • Tenure 12 to 24 Months
  • Monthly EMI



  • Aadhar card is compulsory as ID proof
  • Voter ID Card / Ration Card / Electricity Bill / Gas Bill / Water Connection Bill
  • Only 1 rented client will be added in a Center with Group guarantee and well income source.
  • Only 1 Widow or Divorcee client will be added in a center with self/Co-borrower income source and group guarantee.
  • Minimum Group Size is 8 and Maximum Group size is of 30 members
  • The Company (Rupitol Finance) can be 5th lender.



We promote entrepreneurship among rural women by providing individualised financial solutions and enabling them to invest for business expansion. Individual microloans are distributed to rural women consumers in groups of 5 to 25 women, with each member of the group providing guarantee for the others. 

Rupitol  is one of the few institutions that has maintained Digital distribution from day one by depositing loans directly into the customer's bank account. The rupitol team assists consumers who do not have a bank account in opening one and bringing them into main financial stream. 

  • Member Age should be between 18 to 58 years
  • Member residence should be within 1 KM in a center
  • Centre should be created on JLG model only
  • Member should have Income from Business, No Facility for Salaried
  • All members should be aware of each other in name, income and business.